Davin Web Server Extensions

Here is a list of extensions that can be configured for your web site. Extensions are not enabled by default. E-mail support@davintech.ca for information.


Random Banner Generation

If you have special .rloc files, these are plain text files with the URL of an image to show randomly when you hit the URL.

For example, your text file at http://www.example.com/sponsors.rloc could contain:

        # this file lists all of our sponsors

When you go http://www.example.com/sponsors.rloc, you get one of the images randomly instead of the text file. The URLs are always relative to the current directory of where your .rloc file is located. Use an argument of ?baseurl= to your .rloc URL to change this. For example: http://www.example.com/sponsors.rloc?baseurl=http://images.example.com/

You don't need to just serve up .gif files, but you can use it for random web page of the day or whatever you want.

Davin HTML Markup Language

Davin has special HTML files with a .phtml extension. In these files, you place normal HTML tags along with special ones. Listed below. Note: Davin markup tags must be contained on a single line.

Current Date

Current Page

Document Include

Search Engine

Feedback Form

For example, here is some html that could be contained in your form.html file:
Name(s): <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME=realname SIZE=40>
E-mail Address: <INPUT TYPE=TEXT NAME=email SIZE=40>