Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about Davin...

What type of infrasructure is used for Davin?

Please see our infrastructure page.

Where does your weather data come from?

All data comes from Historical data has been collected over time from Environment Canada and archived in a mysql database.

How does your hit counter work?

The web server we are using is Apache, with mod_perl extensions. Every time someone accesses a web pages with a .phtml extension, a log entry is written to the database (mysql) and a hit counter updated. The hit counter stores the number of hits today, the number of hits total and the date of the last hit. If the last hit was not today, the daily counter gets reset to 1.

The behaviour is similar to what was found in the no longer supported PHP/2.0 scripting language.

Why did you set up Davin?

The Davin site was set up to provide

Why the name Davin?

No real reason for the name "Davin". We just kept playing around with the letters in "Darwin" until we came up with something different.

How do I post to a newsgroup using the web-based newsreader

In order to post to the newsgroups at, you need to talk to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) about posting to newsgroups. Davin provides read-only access to selected newsgroups of regional interest.

I run a news server, can I get a newsfeed?

Certainly, we'd be happy to send you a feed of can.*, ont,* qc.*, and ott.*.